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Company culture

Humanity, universal love, dedication

The company has participated in various charitable activities, to make a contribution to society.
The development of the company in their own at the same time, don't forget to return to society, and actively participate in creating a harmonious society, through the Ningbo city Haishu District charity established "Dewei charity charity fund advisory", carry forward the Chinese traditional virtues of helping the poor.
Aiming at promoting the humanitarian spirit and the company by the Ningbo municipal charity to the Ningbo city hua'ci hospital donation directed to purchase equipment.
The company advocates "according to old and young" concept, donated a batch of cashmere sweater for the welfare of the elderly, send a love, offer a warm; the company actively in poverty-stricken areas in Guizhou, the students, to help students complete their studies. The company also with the Haishu district government departments in the "second class" youth education project, to provide tutoring for children, families and community working families to carry out the activities of love.
The company supports innovation, the establishment of innovation fund at the Ningbo University, was funded by the incentives for technological innovation activities for college students.


Wonderful team show style

The company every year to carry out the rich group activities, in order to build team spirit, strengthen team cohesion, strengthen between employees, between departments, between the upper and lower levels of effective communication for the purpose of enhancing employees responsible attitude, positive attitude to inspire employees to actively take the initiative to meet the challenges.


Ningxinjuli physical fitness

In order to enhance staff physique, rich enterprise culture, the company every year to carry out various forms of employee games, every game from the senior leadership to the ordinary people, everyone to actively participate in the game, not for the result, only the pursuit of the enthusiasm and passion.


Challenge self smelting team

To expand the training to carry out the company every year, every employee through three years of training, effectively cultivate staff team spirit, enhance team cohesion, improve individual self defeat and the confidence to overcome difficulties, this spirit and confidence is at work, and even in the whole life are indispensable spiritual food.