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Ningbo Dewei Assets Appraisal Co., Ltd. Professional services with diversified combination of function and related qualifications, more complete professional categories relatively complete personnel formed, better provide a wide range of professional services for Limited by Share Ltd, limited liability company, foreign-invested enterprises, Hong Kong and Taiwan investment enterprises, state-owned enterprises and enterprise groups, joint-stock cooperative enterprises, joint ventures and private enterprises, administrative institutions and social organizations of various legal subjects. Including but not limited to:


A asset valuation service

To undertake all kinds of tangible and intangible assets appraisal.
The auction of assets, transfer of assets evaluation;
The asset appraisal business lease;
The enterprise merger & acquisition, sale, joint venture, joint venture (cooperative) assets assessment management;
The liquidation of the enterprise assets evaluation;
The asset appraisal mortgage assets and other guarantees;
The assets assessment of investment projects, corporate reputation, etc. in the tax base;
The real estate appraisal;
The assessment of land;
We need other asset assessment situations;


B management consulting services

The standardization of accounting, business accounting system design;
The comprehensive budget management
The analysis of investment value
The design of enterprise control or internal evaluation
The enterprise restructuring, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions advisory
The tax planning
Financial control and incentive - group company
The survey of investment
All other management consulting
Professional experience and experience accumulated over the years, we especially listed companies, foreign invested enterprises, investment companies, enterprise group company, Futures Company and other financial enterprises, securities business, and related business entrusted by government. The professional IT, including communications, transportation, textile, finance, securities, trust, machinery, construction, real estate, electronics, biological engineering, medicine, chemical industry, commerce, trade, agriculture, tourism and other industries.