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The association secretary general Tang Huai Province in Hangzhou Fuchun CPA research work

Release time:2015-09-09 14:39:52

In September 7th, the CPA industry, deputy secretary of the Party committee, the secretary general, CICPA Tang Huai, deputy secretary general Jiang Wenjun and a group of four to Hangzhou Fuchun accounting firm visits to research, under the new situation of accounting firms how to expand the business, improve the quality of the work, party work and other issues in-depth understanding.

Hangzhou Fuchun accounting office director, Party branch secretary Luo Guoliang introduced the firm with the status quo of the development of local enterprises in Fuyang, the development of business in terms of a series of attempts and exploration; report in response to the provincial two new work and the provincial Party committee CPA industry to support the development of Small and micro businesses call, established a team of 25 people in Administrative Service Center for providing bookkeeping and accounting services of Small and micro businesses; and introduces how to do the daily from the firm, seize the key, highlight the three aspects of the practice and effectiveness of the work of Party building and business development and cultural construction combining.

The Secretary General of the Tang Huai Hangzhou Fuchun accounting firms in recent years the achievements in business development and Party building work to be fully affirmed, and puts forward four suggestions: one is to be based in Fuyang, out of Fuyang, efforts to expand business areas, the development of better; two is to Party building as the starting point, play a positive role in the party building in the aspect of enhancing cohesion, create brand effect and enhance competitiveness; three is to do a solid job of Small and micro businesses all the support and help of work, to broaden the idea of efficient and flexible ways to boost the development of Small and micro businesses; the four is to continue to do a good job of party management, services, training and education of basic work, and actively explore the work of Party building method unique.